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Workshop "Responsible Project Management in Practice"

Thursday 13:00 ISoPM (Karen Thompson and Nigel Williams)

This workshop will explore the concept of Responsible Project Management (RPM) from the perspective of a practitioner.  A participative approach will be used to encourage attendees to develop ideas about the challenges and opportunities of managing projects with conscious attention to intended and unintended consequences.   Practical steps that can be taken will be identified and discussed.  Participants will have an opportunity to assess their own project or organisation using the ten principles of RPM. 

Participants can expect to take away from the workshop:

  1. Appreciation of the limits and challenges to existing project management practices
  2. Understanding of the relationship between RPM and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  3. Approaches for initiating RPM in your organisation
  4. Materials to be used within their project or organisation to sustain RPM.  

Who should attend the workshop

The workshop is intended for those involved with managing projects, programmes and/or portfolios in businesses, NGOs, governments and the voluntary sector.  Professionals from disciplines that support projects, such as change management, organisational behaviour, human resource management, finance, economics, marketing and strategy, are invited to add to the richness of the debate.  The workshop is also suitable for project management researchers who will be able to identify new topics for research.  

Workshop format

Highly interactive discussion sessions will be interspersed with use of materials to identify key topics and develop understanding of key concepts.   Indicative schedule:

  • Introduction: Connecting people to projects (10mins)
  • Tensions between project management and sustainable development (5mins)
  • 10 Principles of RPM (15mins)
  • 17 UN SDGs (15mins)
  • Challenges and opportunities for implementing RPM (15mins)
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